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Hey there! I'm Genesis. I'm an 18 year old procrastinating teenage dirtbag. Also a band-loving, pizza enthusiast. Bad jokes and late nights are my thing. My life's anthem is All Time Low's Weightless.
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    I wanna do something productive but I don’t wanna leave my bed a classic novel written by me

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    Of Mice & Men - Another You


    I Tore You Apart in My Head // Balance & Composure

    "Hate in these veins all again, all that it leads to is sin. Fuck what you told me; it all leads to smoking alone in my room in the end."

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    The Story So Far | What You Don't See | radiicvl edit


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    Tay Jardine of We Are The In Crowd stays true to herself and style on the road by…

    "I was recently talking to a friend when they noticed something odd that I said and told me "you see, that’s what people like about you!" I laughed embarrassingly and wondered what on earth they could have been talking about. The words I said were "Oh, look at these knives! My grandpa would love these." As I looked down at the table in front of me, picked up the knife and inspected it. I then realized how weird that was, especially considering I went off on a tangent to say so. But I laughed to myself and thought, "If thats all it takes for someone else to enjoy my personality, then being yourself is simple!" It almost seemed crazy to me to ever have had the antithetical thought. 

    However, being myself on the road, I find a bit different than at a casual lunch with someone I already know. Going on tour doesn’t only scream the opportunity to play your music to a new group of people every night, it allows me to be myself every night because the two go hand in hand. I am a musician, and I love performing, but I also love expressing myself through style. I like to be comfortable, but I love to make things interesting at the same time. It’s almost like the first day of school, every day. The only difference is that I can completely ignore anyone or anything that could put me down with judgement or isolation. In this field, I admire all the people who can find themselves and be proud of it and show that off. At least thats way I see it, and I’d hope for others to feel the same.

    Unfortunately, I know that this is not always the case. I know there are people out there who love to look at me with hate, or jealousy or whatever their “problem” is. Some just don’t get me at all. It isn’t always easy for me to put negativity aside and not let other people rent space in MY head. The best thing to do is let these people motivate me to continue to be me. The only thing I expect is understanding. You don’t HAVE to like me, you know. But as long as you understand where I am coming from than I can totally respect your opinion. The truth is, I’ve learned to like me, and enjoy showing it to others. It’s much easier to be true to yourself and change the negative than to be someone else and forget the positive.”

    Tay Bomber: HERE

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    I genuinely think I have RSI from drawing all those dots








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